Dec 8, 2010

Magret & Gerhard

Magret & Gerhard got married at the beautiful Casa Bella, with a view on the Magaliesberg. The 2 of you, won the prize for being the greatest actors! They just blended in their surroundings, wheter it was between the grass, at a shack or in a stylish Chevvy! Wow, did we have fun travelling up and down to all the photo "spots". Whenever I made a suggestion, they were "in" for it. Thanks to Phillip & Karen Mostert we could finish the photoshoot with stunning photos between their Vintage collection! Magret surprised everyone with her stylish look and Gerhard just couldn't stop smiling! Keep up the smiles and the surprises for each other!


  1. Dis AMAZING!! Baie special!!

  2. wow, jul het so mooi gelyk! Eks so bly om deel te kon wees!!