Nov 18, 2011

Refiloe & Nkenzani

What an amazing couple! 
I haven't met a couple with so much style & charisma! 
Nkenzani is a real gentleman and Refiloe has this unique beauty that just attracts you!!! 
Two doctors in one house - that's what you call a 100% matching PAIR!
It was a real treat to be part of your day and to join in the celebrations. 
I just love all the dancing & singing........!! 
May your life together be as blessed as you are a blessing to all the people close to you and those that cross your paths. I wish everyone could be as open as the 2 of you are about the importance of the Lord in your lives! Blessings!


  1. Sp-ee-ch-less! Absolutely stunning!congradulations Dr and Dr Khosa

    lotsa love,Ndivhu

  2. Fre, So so beautiful. Love u guys lots.

    Sam and Hlayi

  3. oh my word.

    what a beautiful couple, God really works in misterious ways.
    you guys are beautiful and loving and caring. may the good God add more blessings to you.

    tinyiko will be proud of yoll the day he understands and sees these pics.

    Irma you rock!

    love u guys
    Ntombi Gwebu